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ASL is built upon a system of core values that are a part of each and every aspect of our business; integrity, honesty, respect and family values, Specialist in Amazon , for Amazon Sellers . 


Our operational creed is to serve others with a giving heart and to enrich the lives of every person we have the privilege to touch. 

Our roots are in years of international logistics and entrenched in import / export. For nearly a decade operating in a hyperactive international import / export marketplace, requiring deep understanding of freight forwarding and customs procedures, Nidam emerged as a leading and pioneering member of an industry known as third party package forwarding.  

Our family of professionals are educated and continually trained in the latest TSA, IATA, and other industry related resources in addition to a management structure defined upon 6 Sigma principles. We strive for operational excellence, a challenge we look forward to daily.  

Our culture is one of learning and continuous improvement with the goal of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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